How It All Began

This website was begun in the summer 2002 with the intention of providing access to information about opportunities for youth around Franklin and Hampshire counties. The plan was to create a place where young people could find information on interning, volunteering, choosing a career, and some useful links to other related websites. 

This site is a project of the Franklin Hampshire Youth Career Connections Council (formerly known as the Youth Services Council) the Council is hosted by The MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board and brings together community organizations, workforce development partners, schools, and private businesses to advocate for the education and career development of young people in Hampshire and Franklin counties.  

A Community Youth Mapping Project

Throughout the summers of 2002 and 2003, young people from Franklin and Hampshire counties canvassed the community to gather resources for children, youth, and families. They searched for education, employment, enrichment, social services and recreational opportunities, and compiled them for this website to be used by their peers.  They targeted the business community as well in order to identify local businesses that are committed to community development and support the well-being of the area’s young people.  The youth mappers tried to locate employment opportunities for teenagers where they exist now or will in the future.  This work has been updated in 2005 and 2011 to ensure the information remained valid.

Over the years the mission and appearance of FYHOUTH has remained primarily the same, in 2011 we exchanged our youth calendar for an employer form that allowed local businesses to add to our searchable database, and in 2012 we added online work-readiness courses for local schools, organizations, and individuals to access.

A Much Needed Update

 In the summer of 2014, a group of young people, the Tech Scouts, came together for a summer of service and learning.  Led by Bram Moreinis of Game Face Web Design, this group set about the task of updating the website aesthetically and functionally.  The professional look and feel of this current site is thanks to the work of this group.  In the process, the Tech Scouts created their own company, Greenfield Digital, and offer web development and design, as well as video production services. More information about Tech Scouts and their work can be found in this article.

2020 Update

In July of 2020, Workforce Board Staff wished to continue this tradition by finding an intern or interns to review and update the site.  They reached out to the Franklin County Technical School’s Web and Programming Shop.

After some consultation, Lydia Barrett-Miller was hired for the job, and spent the month of August combing through pages and organizing information to improve user experience.