Education is key! 

Education & Employment – What’s the connection?

Industry Recognized Credentials (IRC’s)

Each industry has different education, training, and credential requirements.  Some industry recognized credentials (IRC’s) are valued by industry / employers more than others.  For more information, please access the Industry Recognized Credentials (IRC) page.

Local Resources for High School Dropouts

A high school diploma opens doors to the job market. Finding a job can prove to be especially difficult if you don’t have a high school diploma, because employers want their employees to have at least a basic education!  If you happen to be struggling in school, reach out and take advantage of as many resources (in and outside of school) as possible in order to stick it out and get that diploma. Your effort will pay off. If you must consider other options, think carefully!

College Decision-Making Tools

National Center for Education Statistics’ College Navigator 

You can use the this site to find out almost anything you want to know about the nation’s colleges—all in one place. You can search for institutions by using broad criteria such as school name, geographic location, and programs and majors.

Education & Training Programs

Transition Programs

Holyoke Community College’s (FREE!) Transition to College and Careers (TCC) Program 

Transition to College & Careers (TCC) is a free non-credit program offered both days and evenings that helps adult students 18+ prepare for college and identify a career path. The program includes intensive academic preparation in English reading and writing, math, study strategies, and computer in a college context. We offer college navigation, career advising, and tutoring in an environment conducive to learning

Learning On Your Own / Self-Directed Learning 

Many people discover that they enjoy learning on their own – in their own way and at their own pace. This is sometimes referred to as “self-directed learning.” Self-directed learning can be combined with a traditional education or training program to give you an extra edge in the job market. Being a successful independent learner usually takes a combination of motivation, time, and quality education materials. Educational resourses featured on this site could match up with your interests and help you achieve your career goals. 

Experiential Learning

Click here for information about different types of experiential learning.  Also, check out the ‘Internships & Volunteering‘ page in the ‘Find a Job’ section.