Skills, education, and work experience help youth get a (good) job – sooner than later.

The reality is that you need skills to earn the bucks. Skills can be gained in a variety of ways: education & training, apprenticeships, internships, volunteering, self-directed learing, and employment. Education and work experience is also important to employers. This page provides information to help you become more attractive to employers.

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What Employers Want

Getting clear about expectations, helps youth meet them. This section of the site (listed under ‘You’re Hired’) can help you become a valued volunteer, intern, and employee.

Skills – Hard, Soft & Transferrable

Learn about the different types of skills, figure out which skills you have as well as which skills you need for different jobs and careers.

Education & Training 

A high school diploma opens doors to the job market. Employers want their employees to have at least a basic education! Therefore, sticking out till you get your high school diploma will pay off. Click here to learn more about education and training options.


Apprenticeships are training programs in a trade, art or business designed over a specific period of time. Check out the unions in Western Massachusetts.

Internships & Volunteering

Volunteer positions and internships are a great way to get your foot in the door of an agency or business that you might like to work for. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate that you have the potential to be an excellent employee. Once you’re there, an organization might discover that they need to create a paid position for you. Also, experiences like these are where you can earn great references. (You need 3-4 references for job applications!)

Self-Directed Learning Resources

Many people discover that they enjoy learning on their own – in their own way and at their own pace. This is sometimes referred to as “self-directed learning.” To do this successfully, people usually need a combination of motivation, time, and quality educational resources (books, websites, tutorials, etc.). The following web pages include a multitude of educational resources that could match up with your interests and career goals.

Additional Resources & Support