Life’s Necessary Paperwork

You will need documents to start your first job, get a license, buy a car, enroll in school, get on a plane, etc.

Often when we work with young people, we find that getting identifications is a huge hurdle to starting on the adult journey. This page is a resource list of the things you need and how you can go about getting them.

Getting identification is kind of like getting a job, how can you get documents to prove who you are when you have no documents to prove who you are? We advise you to start small, get a copy of your school id and a piece of mail addressed to you to confirm where you live, then apply for a library card at your local library.

  • The Social Security Card is necessary to prove that you are able to work in the USA and is also a key to getting other identification. If you were born here, you were issued a social security card at birth but if you can’t find it, you will have to get a replacement.
  • A Birth Certificate is another very important piece of identification. When you start a job you will need both your social security card and birth certificate in addition to a picture id.
  • A picture identification card rounds out the “top three” forms of id you need at the minimum. Most young people start with an id card or learner’s permit before moving on to the driver’s license.