Tools and Guides for Career Exploration and the Job Search

The whole FHyouth website, and especially this section, was designed to support the career development of youth in Franklin County, Hampshire County, and the North Quabbin area. That being said, it can be utilized by anyone: youth, older job seekers and career explorers, parents, as well as the educators and counselors who support people’s career development.

This video, Career Development in Action, demonstrates what this website was designed to assist you with.

The Job Seekers section can be used to:

  • Increase one’s chances of getting an entry-level position in the immediate future
  • Help youth understand what occupations will be the most satisfying and supportive in the long-term
  • Equip youth with the clarity and tools needed to move towards their career (and college) goals

The Job Seekers section covers a broad range of topics. Click the following links to access more information.

Get Qualified

Career Decision-Making

Career Planning

Job Application Prep

Find a Job

Interview Prep


The tips and tools in this section will help youth:

  • Make an informed career decision
  • Increase academic engagement
  • Make strategic post-secondaryeducation choices
  • Increase college degree relevancy
  • Reduce unnecessary education debt
  • Engage in more satisfying andsupportive careers
  • Experience a higher quality of life