Youth Career Connections Council

The Youth Career Connections Council of the MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board (originally formed in 2000) holds four regular meetings and one summer youth event per year. The purpose of this council is to act as a hub for individuals and agencies who serve youth. We review area youth needs in career development and training, and engage community partners to support youth career exploration, job readiness, and planning. Learn More…

  • School to Career Connecting Activities
  • WIOA Youth Program
  • YouthWorks Program

For Employers:

Why Hire a Youth?

If you are over thirty years old, chances are you worked as a teenager.  You gained skills, knowledge, confidence, and a work-ethic through this experience; it was an important part of your growth.  Unfortunately, many young people face the classic “catch-22” of employment: You can’t get a job, because you don’t have experience.  However, you can’t get experience unless you have a job.  

Research shows that having work experience as a teen increases the chances that a school will complete college to obtain a bachelors degree, obtain higher level position (more benefits, more opportunities), and earn 22% more later in their adult life.

Furthermore, there are costs when we don’t invest in the career development of our youth.  A 2014 study found that, on average, “one unemployed 18 – 24 year old costs the federal and respective state government over $5,100.00 annually in forgone tax revenue and benefits received.”

Here are some resources designed to support employers who are mentoring teens in the workplace:

Laws and Guidance

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