There are so many ways to create connections between the K-12 and work world experience.  Here are some tools to make the process easier and more meaninful.

MA Work-Based Learning Plans

An efficient and effective job/internship design and evaluation tool.  Use it to make your expectations clear and increase the learning / improve the performance of those who are working for you.

Job Shadow Resources

Tools to support short immersive worksite experiences / exploration.  These experiences can be life changing for youth who participate in them.  Also, it’s one of the many ways that employers can foster their future workforce.

Career Village

Connecting Professionals to Students for Online Career Advice.  What if we could promise every student in the world that we could get them the answer to any question about any career, from real-life professionals speaking from real-life experience? Our web platform matches the career questions students ask to our volunteer corps of over 15,000 working professionals with relevant expertise and a wealth of experiences to share. The advice students get is tailored for them, it’s reliable, and it’s encouraging and inspirational.