Taking the time to explore and compare options can really pay off.

If your interests are in industries where many positions are available, you will very likely have more job choices, be more consistently employed, and make a living wage. Therefore, consider exploring the following lists and clicking the bulleted links to learn more about occupations within each of the following critical industries (for Massachusetts plus Franklin/Hampshire County), in case they should be a good fit for you. Not all of these industries include high growth and wages. Therefore, it is important that additional labor market information (LMI) research be done to determine if a given job within the following industries will serve individual’s and families’ needs.

Priority Industries – Pioneer Valley

Critical Industries – Pioneer Valley

Priority Industries – Massachusetts

All Industries

Check out Labor Market Information and Reality Checking resources to get even more perspective about the occupation and fields you are interested in.

In addition to conducting online research to determine if an industry or occupation is a good fit for you, the following steps can help you gather valuable perspective:

  • Taking career assessments
  • Comparing labor market information for different occupations (and in different regions)
  • Visiting work places
  • Talking to professionals in the field
  • Volunteering and/or working in a relevant work place
  • Reviewing what you will have to learn to qualify for positions in the field
  • Repeating any of the above steps to get clear that a career path is going to be satisfying as well as supportive