Protecting Youth on the Job

Why are there work permits? For your safety. 

On the Work Permit Application below, you’ll notice that it outlines the kinds of things people of different ages (14-15, 16-17) can not do on the job. These are the kind of jobs and tasks that are illegal for teens to do in this state. It also indicates when and how many hours per week an adolescent can work. Permits and these restrictions are designed to reduce the injury and death of teens on the job.

Who needs to fill it out and when?

All youth (age 14-17) must apply for a work permit after they have been offered a job and before they start working.  14-15 year olds also need to get a ‘Physician Certificate of Health’ from their doctor before starting their job.  Click on the links below to find out more.

Where do I submit my permit application?

Submit your worker’s permit application to the school superindent’s office. If you are a 14 or 15 year old, you will also need to submit a ‘Physician Certificate of Health’ filled out by your doctor. Guidance counselors and people in the main office of your school may have additional information or be able to assist you with the process of submitting your permit.

NOTE: The ‘Work Permit Application’ below is not a work permit; it is only the application for your work permit.