Make a good first impression by submitting accurate and complete information.

The job application process can involve many different pieces of information as well as different documents. The following resources are listed in the order that will be most useful for youth who are looking for a job.


You will need to include 2-4 references on job applications in order to get a job! References are professional contacts who will vouch for you (in terms of your work ethic and overall character) when a prospective employer calls that person to gather perspective, which will help them decide if they should hire you. Click here to learn more about references and the contact information you will need to provide on job applications.

Job Applications & Resumes

Resumes and job applications include a lot of the same information. A resume completed will make you look more prepared and professional when applying to positions, whether the employer requires a resume or not. However, most entry-level positions do not require a resume. Therefore, if time is tight, you can use the ‘Job Application Cheat Sheet’ in the Job Applications Tips section to help you gather and organize standard job application information.

Job Application Resources

Click here to increase your perspective on how to fill out a job application well. Sometimes filling out a job application is very straightforward, but often they require that we be neat, pay attention to detail, and fill-in information that we do not know by heart.

Resume Resources

Click here to create a strong resume that you can use and build on throughout your lifetime.

Cover Letter Resources

Click here for cover letter templates, samples, and tips.

Additional Resources & Support