Practice will make you much more prepared and likely to get the job.

Interviewers can ask a very broad range of questions. Even though you won’t be able to anticipate them all. Getting to the point where you can talk about your skills and experiences (easily and clearly) in response to common interview questions will help you get prepared for most of the interview questions you will be asked. 

More Tips:

Speak Up and Speak Clearly

When you speak to your interviewer, use appropriate language, speak slowly and clearly.  Don’t just blurt things out, rather, pause and think about what you are going to say and speak  loud enough to be heard.  Avoid using filler words like umso, and you know. Using respectful language lets your interviewer know that you can be professional when you need to be. Also avoid saying I don’t know.  Think of the best answer that you have . . . Anything is better than nothing.