How you follow-up can make all the difference.

Being invited to interview for a position is a privilege.  Follow up letter shows you are grateful for their time and motivated to get the job. It is also a great way to stand out and remind them who you are. Additionally, it can also be a way to highlight key strengths and address questions that may not have answered completely during the interview.  (See the ‘Letter of Influence’ link below.)

Many employers expect a thank you note and will not continue to consider your application unless they receive a thank you note after the interview (even if you interviewed well) . Therefore, send at least a simple thank you email or letter and do it within 24 hours of interviewing. 

Should you send a thank you note in an email or through snail mail? For some employers, recieving a thank you letter through snail mail might still feel special and be perceived as more official.  Also, it can help you stand out, since it grabs their attention in a different way.  However, use your best judgment.  If you have interviewed for a more high-tech or modern type of business, you’ll likely just want to send a thank you email.  Whether using email or pen and paper, many elements of the message will be the same.

Compare these resources to learn about thank you note conventions and discern which format will work best for you.