Applying for a job online is DIFFERENT than an in-person application. 

Some employers, who require you to set up an online account to apply for a job, will track your job application progress. When you submit your application, they will see how long it took you to complete and how many times you logged in to finish the task. If you start on Monday, go back three times, and then submit your application a week later, an employer might make assumptions like: you’re not very motivated or available. That’s why it’s important to be prepared before you start applying for a job online.

Online Application Preparation:

  • Don’t start unless you have an hour or more to complete the application.
  • Have your resume ready.
    • Upload it as a pdf document. Here’s some information on how to convert your resume from a Word doc or Google Doc.
    • Copy and paste specific information from it into the online application fields.
  • Have a calcluator and some scrap paper in case you have to take a math test.
  • Click here to practice filling in an online job application using this resource by MassHire Holyoke Careeer Center.  Even though all applications differ, it will get you more comfortable with the process and familiar with the kind of information requested.

Places with Online Applications

Another option is to sign up with a third party application site, which will allow you to use the same application for multiple jobs such as Snagajob or Simply Hired. Although these sites may allow you to skip part of the application process, but you will still have to take aptitude or personality tests for each job as required by the companies.

Below are a list of employers that hire 16+ unless otherwise noted.