Get Ready to Be Employed

Finding a job is a multi-step process. In order to get hired, you need to present yourself to a potential employer in the best possible light. The way to do that is to:

  • Think about your experiences and what you have to offer
  • Prepare your materials so you are ready when your search begins
  • Know where to look for jobs
  • Understand what it takes to be a good employee


Not all experience includes paid jobs. Internships, volunteering, community service, civic engagement, entrepreneurial endeavors, and more are valuable too. Experiences are where we can gain skills, grow our strengths, and make contacts who can help us get jobs in the future.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of working.

There are a number of youth workforce programs that can help you identify your skills, gain experiences, and build your resume for future success.


No matter where you plan to look for a job, there are a few things that everyone should expect to do during the process. Preparing these elements in advance will ensure that you are able to move quickly when an opportunity presents itself.

Job Searching

Where and how should you look for a job? That depends on your situation. You need to think about transportation (do you have someone to drive you, or can you walk or take a bus?) your schedule (do you have clubs or sports that will affect your availability?) and your age. The MA Labor Laws will dictate when you can work and what jobs you are allowed to do.

Here are some ideas on how to look for work:

You’re Hired!

Congratulations! Now What? Here are some important considerations as you get ready to go to work: