There are many ways that parents, guardians, and other mentors can contribute to the career readiness of youth.

This page includes links that lead to resources that parents, guardians, and other mentors can use to play an especially critical and unique role in the career development of their child/ren.  In fact, parents, guardians, and mentors can use almost anything in the ‘FOR YOUTH‘ section to help a teen find the career path that’s the best fit for them, make strategic post-secondary (after high school) education choices, and gain formative work experiences. The ‘FOR EDUCATORS’ section also includes a wealth of educational materials that can be used by parents and teens to learn about industries, occupations, and more.

These interrelated blogs are specifically written for parents:

Executive Function (EF) Strategy Development

Executive function strategies help people manage and navigate their life more effectively. Some people only need a reliable calendar and/or checklist system to organize their lives. Some need a lot more. Although EF is not a focus on the career development website, EF strategies support career development as well as a person’s ability to be an effective employee. Therefore, we included a few key resources, which will aid a youth’s career development. We encourage everyone to reach beyond this site for additional EF resources.