Only a small percentage of applicants are invited to interview for a position. The Interview Prep section of this website is designed to help you make the most of this opportunity and increase the chances that you are offered the job.

Interview Overview

This section shows what a typical interview (from preparation to follow-up) can look like. Click ‘Interview Overview‘ to access related resources.

Interview Strategies

Find tips from youth as well as career development professionals on how to be a skilled interviewer. Click on ‘Interview Strategies‘ to access related resources.

Interview Questions

Even though it is not possible to anticipate every question an interviewer will ask, getting to the point where you can talk about your skills and experiences (easily and clearly) in response to common interview questions will prepare you for most interview questions. Click on ‘Interview Questions‘ to access related resources.

Professional Appearance

Your appearance will give interviewers a first impression about you. Appearance has to do with clothing, accessories, hair style, posture, eye contact, and more. This section aims to help you prepare ahead of time for future interviews. Click on ‘Professional Appearance‘ to access related resources.

Interview Follow-Up

How you follow-up on an interview can make all the difference. Click ‘Interview Follow-Up‘ to access related resources.

Additional Resources & Support