Work experience is incredibly valuable – whether you get paid or not.

Work experience includes paid jobs, internships, volunteer positions, community service, civic engagement, entrepreneurial endeavors, and more. Work experiences are where we can gain skills, perspective about what kinds of work we enjoy most, and contacts who can help us get jobs in the future.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of working.

Job Search Resources: 


Only ~20% of available jobs are advertised publicly. Networking is the process of talking to people about what you are looking for and following up on job leads people give you, so you can apply to a larger number of job openings and get a (good) job – sooner than later. Your “network” is the ever growing group of people (family members, friends, community members, and employers) who know you and might help you get a job through word of mouth.  Use the resources in the Networking section to get started. 

Social Media & The Job Search

Learn how to clean up your social media image and use social media as a networking and job search tool. 

Job & Career Fairs

Sometimes the terms “job fair” and “career fair” are used interchangeably.  However, in some cases, job fairs are more focused on helping employers find employeers, while career fairs are more focused on helping people learn about career paths, industries, etc. Either way, the tips included in this section are worth considering.

Informational Interviewing

The primary purpose of informational interviews is to learn about an occupation, the work place, and/or the education, training, and certification needed to do a specific job. It is not a job interview, but it is a fantastic way to develop a network that could help you find a job. For information, check out the informational Interview section.

Job Banks, Search Engines & Lists

Click here to access a variety of sources where can find job postings (aka job listing or job advertisements).

Applying for Jobs Online

Some employers, who require you to set up an online account to apply for a job, will track your job application progress. When you submit your application, they will see how long it took you to complete and how many times you logged in to finish the task. This section of the site will help you prepare before you start applying for a job online.

Volunteer Work & Internships

This is one of the best ways to gain the skills, knowledge, contacts and experiences which you will need to include in job (college and internship) applications. Click here more information and resources.


Apprenticeships are training programs in a trade, art or business designed over a specific period of time. Check out the unions in Western Massachusetts to find out more about apprenticeships.

Work Permits & Safety

Click here for an work permit application and more information.


If there aren’t a lot of local employment options and/or you like the idea of creating your own business, the resources on the entrepreneurship page could help you get started.

Additional Resources & Support