It’s all about figuring out who you really are and what types of work are therefore a fit for you. Occupation research, work experience, time, and continual self-reflection helps us get clear about who we are and what we want. Use the resources in the Self-Evaluation section to gather more perspective about yourself and what type of work could allow you to thrive.

Career Exploration

Find a variety of career exploration tools that can help you reflect on who you are, research occupations, find out where the jobs are (ie. that pay), get information from real world professionals, watch videos of professionals in the workplace, and more.

Reality Checking

It’s important to dream big. It’s equally important to figure out if and how dreams can become a reality. When people strike that balance, they find work that they love, have regular employment, and make enough money to achieve their financial and life goals. Check out the Reality Check section for more guidance on how to make the wise career decisions.

Informational Interviewing

Informational Interviews are a great way to network with professionals, learn about positions that are or will become available, and/or learn about occupations you are interested in. The primary purpose of informational interviews is to learn about a job, career, business, and/or the education, training, and certification needed to do a specific job.  It is not a job interview, but it is a fantastic way to develop a network that could help you find a job in the future.

Additional Resources & Support